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To make joining easy for you, we would like to welcome you to Save 50% Off - as a new member sign up bonus on your first payment.

Additionally, over the next 30 days, If Parking Cupid isn't the best fit simply reach out! We'll happily refund 100% of your money. No Questions Asked.

Daniel Battaglia

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Why Choose Parking Cupid

Join Us And Live A Better Life Forever!


Our comprehensive community of drivers are eager to rent car parking spaces throughout the US & Canada. No matter where you are, a driver isn't far away.


By using our service, you can list all types of parking spaces on one website to find the nearest driver near you.


Our online platform allows you to find and connect with like minded people and be part of an exclusive like minded club.


Our founder is often quoted in the media, ensuring that your parking rights are discussed in public, you can trust that you are in safe hands.

Parking Assistance

    Take the US & Canada's largest parking network with you, everywhere you go. Join Parking Cupid right now and get unlimited help across the US & Canada.
    Included with all parking assistance membership options:
  • Rent unlimited parking spaces – the US & Canada's largest online directory of parking near you.
  • Help, advice and support - (subject to 48 hour waiting period or $50 surcharge) including:
  • Parking fine protection – appeal letters to save time and save money.
  • Sample parking contracts - made to help and protect you in private rentals.
  • Advocacy to help you - protecting and advancing your rights in public.
  • Priority customer service - get fast support via email, phone, sms and more.
  • Save 50% Off - new member sign up bonus on first payment and discounted rates compared to retail or drive-up parking with 0% commissions and no markups.
  • Website and mobile features include:
  • Advanced search filters - find the perfect space faster.
  • Post upgraded listing ads - display contact info for more responses.
  • Contact parking providers - book or rent as many spaces as you need.
  • Ad-free - offering a better user experience.
  • Cover for all vehicle types, including cars, SUVs, RVs, Caravans, bikes, boats, trucks, heavy machinery, planes and anything you can think of.
  • Money Back Guarantee – start your free trial now with a 100% riskless experience.
  • Sign Up & Win $1000 Rewards Giveaway For Loyal Members.

  • Get peace of mind on the road with unlimited parking assistance – no matter where you are.
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How to join with 3 simple offers

Parking Cupid Memberships Suit Everyone


$30 Monthly - Most Flexible

Our most flexible offer, choose this if it works best for you. Stay as little as one month or as long as you like.


$60 Quarterly - Most Popular

Our most popular offer, choose this if it works best for you. If you are serious about searching for parking & garages.


$180 Yearly - Best Value Deal

Our best value offer, choose this if it works best for you. Our recommended offer for the best bang for your buck.

We've got you covered!

30 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are confident that you will be happy. But just because we believe in Parking Cupid, it does not mean you are totally sold yet. Therefore, we believe you should have the chance to try us out without any risk.

So go ahead, become a premium member, post a listing ad and allow 30 days for responses! And in the unlikely event that Parking Cupid doesnt meet all of your needs, simply ask for a refund within 30 days and we will give your membership money back. No questions asked.

Parking Cupid 30 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed
Why Choose Parking Cupid

Say Hello to Renting Parking Cupid Forever!

Cars, SUVs, Utes, Bikes and more

For home, for work or for leisure, rent your parking spaces for all types of vehicles.

RVs, Caravans, Camping and more

From cities and neighbourhoods to the great outdoors rent what you need. Negotiate your requirements and it's Parking Cupid.

Boats, Jet Skis, Watercraft and more

Help mariners keep their craft well maintained and well positioned to enjoy the water. Joining is as easy as the 1 - 2 - 3 steps for you with some great offers too.

Storage for any vehicle imaginable

Buses, Trucks, Heavy Machinery and even helicopters and planes. Can't find what you're looking for, you can even post offering listing ads for free.

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It's Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

How The Listing Ads Work

You stay visible on the platform for as long as you want, with no ad fees, unless you want to upgrade to a Premium listings’ membership for more responses and more demand. This will give you better prices too. If someone is interested in your car space, we'll bring them to you, so you can discuss and agree to the terms.

Memberships renew on their own. There are no contracts, so you can leave whenever you want or stay as long as you like. Select your membership today to start reaping the rewards!

Create a Premium member account, post an advertisement, and give yourself 30 days to get responses! If Parking Cupid does not meet your expectations, you may request a refund within 30 days, and we will promptly reimburse your membership fee. No questions asked.

Earn Money Easily With Us

With commercial parking fees on the rise, motorists are constantly looking for places to park their cars legally and cheaply, meaning less money for vehicle owners. You can showcase your garage, driveway, or other car space for free with Parking Cupid and earn money by helping motorists find parking. Once your add is listed, you simply need to answer calls, and collect your money!

You can enjoy other facets of life, such as taking a vacation, going to the movies, or dining out at night, by making money with In fact, it’s not just the city but people across the US & Canada are making money by renting out their parking spaces to drivers who need parking.

Parking hosts and landlords / homeowners earn up to $400 a month or around $4,000 a year with thousands of parking spaces, driveways, and garages have already been listed. is well-liked by drivers in the inner city and throughout all suburbs (for example, Pyrmont and Randwick in Sydney), as well as near airports, schools, and sporting venues.

Earn money
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30 Day Free Trial
Money for Fun

List Your Parking for Rent and Raise Some Cash

An unoccupied parking spot is your profit opportunity. With ever-increasing commercial parking rates, drivers are relentlessly searching for where they can legally leave their cars nearby for parking for less money. And what means less money for vehicle owners also means extra earnings for you.

Showcase your garage, driveway or other spots for free with Parking Cupid and make cash by helping drivers find car parking spaces. There’s nothing you need to do once your listing is here. It will remain visible on the platform as long as you want, with no display fees. And when someone is interested in your spot, we’ll bring you together so that you can discuss the terms for monthly parking or daily parking.

Many More Benefits Than You Realise

Residential shared parking is becoming increasingly popular because it also benefits society in various ways. Motorists typically save around 50% compared to commercial parking garages and no more council fines. Reserved parking spaces eliminate large amounts of emissions and pollution caused by parking-seeking cars circling the block. So, it's a win for homeowners who make money, and drivers who save money and the environment.

Parking Cupid puts a lot of effort into making a difference for our driver and homeowner members so they can protect and advance their interests, voice their opinions and grievances, access information and services, and investigate options. We conduct engaging and inclusive campaigns on behalf of members to address a variety of parking issues and make sure councils and governments consider them.

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Trusted By 26,397+ Drivers Around the US & Canada

Member Carolyn

Carolyn Gill


Parking Cupid

Parking Cupid is very economical, and it is also an easy process. You just drive up and scan your credit card to be let in to the car park.

It is also good if you stay away longer than expected, the extra is just automatically charged to you credit card so that you don't have to rebook.

Member Darrel

Darrel Silva


Parking Cupid

Stress less shopping. Park and forget. Top up when needed without having to run to the parking slot.

Member Susan

Susan Cochrane


Parking Cupid

Easy to access! Fair pricing and easy to pay and go! Couldn't ask for a less stress-free parking system.

Member Stu

Stu Williamson


Parking Cupid

Easier to use than having a load of change in your pocket. Especially in Perth 😆


How do I go list my parking space?

If you have an available driveway or garage, you can list your space on website using two methods. The quickest way is to select list on the menu bar and enter a few details, your parking space will advertised immediately on the website and you can come back at a later stage to complete the registration. Alternately, you can register for the website and list your parking space in the My Account area of the website.

Who can share their parking space?

Anyone with a driveway or garage that is available for some period of time.

Why pay when other websites are supposedly free?

With a choice of free websites it's natural to ask this question. These free websites may charge hidden markups and commissions (be sure to check their terms), other ones do not have the resources to invest in the latest tools and innovations, by choosing to use a paid website you will benefit from smart design, clever navigation and great search tools which enhance the user experience. You will also have the assurance that the content on the site is checked for quality purposes. Finally, we also have a customer care team on hand to answer any queries you may have about how to use the features of the site, uploading photos or about your subscription. Whatever your question, we’re here to offer some friendly support.

How do I update, amend or cancel a membership?

There are no contracts, stay as long as you like and to cancel a membership, users may do so in the my account menu or by contacting Parking Cupid at or by email at When a user cancels its membership, users will have access to the membership benefits until the end of the then-current membership term; the membership will not be renewed after that term expires.

How much should I advertise my parking space for?

It really depends on a number of factors, you should consider the price of other parking spaces in your area. If your still unsure, you can estimate a price and increase or decrease it based on the number of responses you receive.

Do you charge hidden commissions or markup the parking rental prices?

It is commission FREE for both drivers and parking providers with ZERO markups, meaning we do not increase the parking price or add a margin to earn extra profits. We do not charge any online booking or service fees and pride ourselves on 100% transparency so there are not any hidden costs, fees or charges. Membership Contribution is the only small cost which you can purchase when you’re ready and is much less expensive than paying inflated parking prices at other websites or drive up locations and no parking fines, saving you money.

How much can I earn from sharing my parking space?

It really depends on a number of factors, but some parking spaces are shared for up to $20 per day for a sporting event or festival. Other parking spaces are shared for up to $100 per week. That’s equivalent to more than $5000 per year!

How do I contact Parking Cupid support?

You may contact Parking Cupid at, by email at and feel free to request a call or sms back.

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