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Affiliate & Referral Program

You can earn cash by inviting people to join Parking Cupid.

To see and share your invite link, log in to your my account dashboard. When a someone joins with your invite code they will receive a bonus 50% discount and you will receive 50% commission on the remaining purchase amount.

Give 50% off and get 50% or around $30

The amount earned by referrals is also valid for renewals on recurring subscriptions meaning you will earn on average around $30 for each person who joins. Plus provide your referrals with a custom 50% off coupon code and encourage them to purchase with the discount incentive. It's a win-win scenario!

Connect with people you know and don't know

Simply share your invite link by texting, emailing, sharing on social media, posting on blogs, video reviews etc. You can track your referrals and earnings in the my account dashboard and get paid out monthly to your PayPal account. Plus there is no minimum traffic level or joining fee to start. So give us a try and start making money today!

Payments and cash in your hands

The website is based on monthly recurring membership of $30 with a special offer to new users for %50 off, so $15. The average user stays a member for 4 months meaning you would on average be paid $7.50 per month over that period of time, having said that, some users only stay a single month whilst other purchase an annual membership for $90 meaning a $45 upfront commission payment. Payments are made after the 30 day refund period via PayPal with a minimum $50 balance.

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It is at our sole discretion to determine the validity of the members that join through the affiliate referral program. If we feel that the members signing up through a particular program are constantly bogus or fraudulent we will cancel your account and suspend your payments.

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