Rent Your Garage To Make Money
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Rent Your Garage To Make Money

Homeowners everywhere wide are making money by renting out their car spaces to drivers who need parking. Its free to list unused apartment parking spaces, garages and driveways on website and homeowners are making up to $400 per month or around $4,000 per year.

In this economy any extra cash can make a difference to peoples lives. For example, with that kind of extra cash, maybe you can pay some bills (electricity ones are horrible these days), go on a holiday or even put it towards a home loan to save 5 years and $70k*.

*Based on a loan amount of $300k, Interest rate of 6%, 25 year loan term, Extra monthly repayments of $250, starting at year 0. Extra Loan Repayments Calculator

Its popular with drivers around the inner city neighbourhoods, but also near airports, schools and sports stadiums. In fact, there has already been plenty of car parking spaces, driveways and garages listed for rent.

Sharing residential parking spaces is getting more and more popular because it benefits society in other ways too:

  • Drivers: Typically drivers save around 50% compared to commercial parking stations, plus no more council fines.
  • Environment: Reserved parking eliminates a huge amount of emissions and pollution caused by cars looking for parking.
  • So its a win for home owners who make money, drivers who save money and the environment. It\s all actually part of a bigger online trend for collaborative consumption marketplaces related to renting everything from from car rides (, apartments ( and more.

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