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How To Appeal Parking Tickets

No one likes getting a parking ticket, so Parking Cupid has put together some tips on how to contest, dispute and appeal your car parking fine. Although the information provided is general in nature, we hope it helps you find some recourse. Please note that this is not intended to be legal advice.

Motorists have often tried to get out of parking tickets using a variety of excuses, such as incorrect registration information, illness, officer mistakes, malfunctioning meters, no offence committed and stolen license plates. In certain cases where the driver has admitted their fault, the ticket may be cancelled due to exceptional circumstances like car breakdowns or medical emergencies.

Appeal Parking Tickets With Parking Made Easy

Disputing an infringement can be done by crafting a written appeal, accompanied by evidence such as pictures, receipts of mechanical repairs or medical certificates. This letter should provide an explanation and justification for the dispute. Making this argument in writing is a common way to refute an infringement.

It is worth pursuing an appeal if you feel strongly that there was an injustice done in your parking ticket. Depending on the locality, the rate of successful appeals can vary widely, but it never hurts to try.

Guide to Appealing Parking Tickets

Don't be taken for a ride - don't just blindly pay questionable parking tickets, appeal them instead! Here is some information to guide you if you decide to contest a car parking ticket. Good luck!

Winning A Parking Fine Appeal Thanks To Parking Made Easy

Firstly, understand why you were fined and what reasons you may have for appeal:

  • Penalty notice - Does the offence regulation code match its title? Does the make and registration number match your vehicle?
  • Parking signs - Are they visible from you were parked or were they covered by a tree or any structures?
  • Road markings - Are the bay markings clear and visible?
  • Lack of parking signs/markings - Are there signs or markings that should be there for the offence you were booked for (such as a “no stopping” sign that wasn’t there when you were fined for this offence)?
  • Parking meters - Was the parking meter faulty? Was there a number on the meter or sign nearby with a number you could call to report the faulty meter?
  • Parking tickets - Do you have your original tickets to show you did not stay too long in the space or that you did pay to park?
  • Medical emergency or vehicle breakdown - Do you have evidence or witnesses to verify that circumstances caused you to commit the parking offence?

Gather all the evidence you can find in defence of your parking fine and include it with your appeal letter. Don't delay taking action as every reminder regarding payment will come with additional charges. Act swiftly before the deadline approaches to avoid further penalties.

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