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San Antonio Airport And Parking: Everything You Need To Know

An Introduction To San Antonio Airport Parking

Want to make sure you have a parking spot when arriving at San Antonio Airport? SAT offers plenty of parking options, from multi-story and open-air facilities, with nearly 7,000 spots available. There are even more spaces being added - all without the need for a reservation system. So no matter what your plans are, you can find the perfect parking spot to suit you.

The Parking Garage

Heading to San Antonio Airport? Don't worry about parking - the Parking Garage has you covered! With 5,000 spaces and a connection to the terminal via a covered walkway or complimentary shuttle service, it's easy to get your car parked up. Just be sure to check the height of your vehicle beforehand; this multi-story facility has an height restriction of 6.8 feet (2.1 meters). If your car is too big for the Parking Garage, don't worry - the open-air Green Lot is just a minute away!

Top Best San Antonio Airport Parking Garages for Travelers

The Green Lot

Are you looking for an affordable parking option? The Green Lot is a great choice! It's slightly further away from the terminals, but it's a great budget-friendly alternative. You can park your vehicle for up to 30 days. Once you've parked, just head to the nearest booth and you'll be picked up by a complimentary shuttle bus within 15 minutes and dropped off outside the terminal in 10 minutes. So if you're looking for an affordable parking solution, The Green Lot is it!


If you need to take a bit more time bidding farewell to your passengers, why not park in the Parking Garage! It's only a two-minute walk to check-in and the first 15 minutes are free of charge. But if you're just picking up or dropping off passengers, there are convenient bays right outside the terminal buildings - just make sure to keep it under a minute so as not to cause congestion. Enjoy your travels!

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

If you need to pick up some passengers, SAT’s got your back! Our free Waiting Lot is just a five-minute drive away from the terminal buildings, so you don't have to keep circling the airport. Plus, there's complimentary WiFi, so you can stay productive or entertained while waiting for them to arrive. Your passengers can even message you when they've landed, making the pickup process easier than ever!

Comparing the Best San Antonio Airport Parking Garages

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San Antonio Airport Car Parking Spaces For Rent

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San Antonio Airport Parking Courtyard San Antonio Airport - Self Park - Uncovered - San Antonio

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Guide To San Antonio Airport

San Antonio International Airport (SAT) is the gateway to the seventh-largest city in the USA, welcoming over 8.5 million visitors yearly! On a four-square mile plot of land, you'll find two terminals, three runways and all sorts of flights – both international and domestic – taking off with non-stop routes to over 30 destinations around the world! It's an exciting place to be! A bit of trivia for you: San Antonio is the only Texas city to have two international airports! We love our city. And we sure do love SAT! Happy flying!

What Are San Antonio Airports Contact Details?

Address: 9800 Airport Blvd, San Antonio Airport, TX 78216, USA. Phone: +1 210-207-3433 Website:

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Location Of San Antonio Airport

San Antonio Airport (SAT) is located just eight miles north of San Antonio's downtown core and at the intersection of two major road networks, making it easy to reach whether you're driving from nearby or even a different state. Interstate 410, known as the Connally Loop, circles San Antonio, while Highway 281 runs all the way from the Mexican border to Canada. For those who don't want (or can't) drive, a bus service runs between SAT and downtown San Antonio every 20 minutes, from 6am to 10pm. And if you're coming in via Amtrak, their San Antonio train station is only 10 miles away—just a 15-minute taxi ride. So no matter where you're coming from, getting to San Antonio Airport is easy!

History Of San Antonio Airport

As San Antonio Municipal Airport celebrates its 80th anniversary, it has seen a major expansion over the decades. During WWII, the airport was requisitioned by the US Army Air Forces and renamed Alamo Field. After the war, it returned to civil use and saw substantial upgrades such as a control tower, two terminal buildings and over 6,000 parking spaces. Nowadays, the airport is thriving with more than 3.5 million passengers passing through annually and over 50 flights to Mexican airports every week! There are even plans in place for another multi-million-dollar expansion project; aiming to make SAT a major gateway to Mexico and increase its international reach. It's clear this Texas airport is ready to take off!

San Antonio Airport Facilities

Head to San Antonio Airport and you'll find the two terminal buildings brimming with Tex-Mex flavor. You can grab all your necessities, plus a range of delicious food and drinks - from cafés, delis, restaurants and bars serving local specialties and international cuisines. You can also shop for books, tech gadgets, homeware, Texas-themed jewelry and of course, hot sauce! It's the perfect place to explore the tastes of the region before you take off.

Affordable San Antonio Airport Car Parking Options

  • Smoking areas

  • Prayer room

  • Postal services

  • Pet collection

  • Pharmacy

  • Free WiFi

  • Family facilities

    • Nursery

    • Toys/books

  • Currency exchange

  • ATM machines

  • Visitor information booth

  • Terminal Car Park

  • Long-term car park

  • Drop-off zone

  • Toilets

  • Disabled access

  • Baby-changing facilities

  • Shopping

    • Duty free

    • Convenience stores

    • Newsagents

    • Designer brands

    • Souvenirs

  • Food

    • Restaurants

    • Cafés

    • Chocolate shops

  • Drinks

    • Bars

    • Alehouses

    • Coffee shops

San Antonio Airport Hotel And Parking

Heading to San Antonio International Airport (SAT)? You’ll be pleased to know there are a range of hotels nearby offering great ‘park, stay and go’ deals. For example, the Embassy Suites by Hilton San Antonio Airport is located less than a mile away from SAT and provides five-star facilities, indoor pool, gift shop and a 24-hour airport shuttle. If you’re looking for something more affordable, the Courtyard San Antonio Airport/North Star Mall is great - it offers complete packages with accommodation, parking and even flights included! And if you’re traveling on a budget, the Days Inn San Antonio Airport provides free parking for the night of your stay, ‘park and fly’ deals, a 24-hour airport shuttle and even free breakfast. So no matter what you’re looking for, there’s something to suit everyone near SAT!

Top Things To Do In San Antonio Airport

Discover the Ultimate San Antonio Airport Parking Spaces

Texan Treats

SAT's got it all - steaks, shakes and fried goodies are just the start! And if you're looking for something lighter, try our Mediterranean tapenade or one of our shareable tapas plates. Plus, don't miss out on their unique Mexican fruit salads - a special treat only found in the Lone Star State. Oh, and the best part? All of it is served in that famous Texas hospitality!

Top Shopping

Looking to pick up some of those classic Texas souvenirs? Or maybe you need a new novel to get stuck into during your flight. San Antonio Airport has got it all! You'll find everything from the latest sports jerseys, to locally produced hot sauces - ranging from fresh and fruity to formidably fiery. And if homewares is your thing, the airport's shop showcases traditional products with modern designs. A one-stop-shop for all your travel essentials - and then some!

Art In The Airport

At SAT, we love participating in the city's Public Art San Antonio program! Our terminal building is bursting with artwork from famous local artists and up-and-coming creative talent. You'll find sculptures, glass friezes, and terrazzo floors to admire before you take off. Plus, our parking facilities feature unique art projects and installations to keep your attention while you're waiting for your flight. It's all part of our mission to make your travel experience as enjoyable and inspiring as possible!

Find the Best San Antonio Airport Parking for Your Next Trip

Any Excuse For A Party

Heading to San Antonio Airport? Keep an eye out for all the local celebrations and festivities! Whether it's Día de Muertos, music recitals from school bands, the day of a big game or even a visit from a caricature artist - SAT always has something going on. Be sure to check their coupon website for any upcoming deals and events to make your trip even more special!

Fancy Footwear

So you've just landed in San Antonio and want to look your best? All you need to do is make a quick stop at the airport's shoe-shine service before security. It'll only take five minutes - then you're ready to go! Whether it's leather, suede or nubuck, the experts will give your shoes the protection and shine they need for maximum comfort and style. So why not give your feet a treat before you hit the town!

Peace And Quiet

Are you ready to upgrade your airport experience? With SAT’s executive lounge, you can access a whole host of amenities regardless of the airline you're flying with or the type of ticket you have – provided there is space on the day. For one low daily payment, you can enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks, high-speed WiFi, business facilities, newspapers, magazines and widescreen TVs. All while avoiding the hustle and bustle of the terminal! Make the most of your time before your flight by catching up on emails or simply taking a well-deserved nap in peace. So why not treat yourself to a luxury airport experience with SAT’s executive lounge? You won't regret it!

Celebrity Watch

Texas has an amazing sports culture, and San Antonio International Airport (SAT) is one of the state's main hubs for air travel. If you're lucky, you might even spot a few famous athletes or teams coming in or out of the airport! Keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to take that perfect selfie with your favorite player or team. Who knows, you might just get that one-of-a-kind experience!

Top Things To Do Near San Antonio Airport

Expert Tips for Finding the Best San Antonio Airport Parking

Experience The Revolution

The Alamo is an important part of Texan history and a major tourist attraction. Located in San Antonio, it's an 18th-century Catholic mission that was the site of the legendary Battle of the Alamo in 1836 - where a Mexican army of 1,500 laid siege to the mission and killed most of the 100 troops inside. This tragedy in turn inspired Texan soldiers and civilians to join forces and fight against the Mexican army, eventually leading to Texas being declared a republic and then 28th state of the United States. Nowadays, the Alamo mission is a museum, memorial and education center with live-action exhibitions, displays and interactive recreations - making it a unique way to experience an important moment in American history. It's just an 8-mile drive south from the city!

A Texan Treasure

If you're in the mood for some classic modern art and a good dose of sunshine, the McNay Art Museum is just the place to go! Founded in 1954, it was the first of its kind in Texas. Built on Marion Koogler McNay's 24-room mansion, it houses an impressive 20,000-piece collection of masterpieces, including works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe and Edward Hopper. Not to mention the lush grounds surrounding it - 23 acres (9.3 hectares) of rolling lawns, fountains, exotic gardens and fishponds! The McNay Art Museum is only a 10-minute drive away from the airport, so what are you waiting for? Come explore this beautiful mansion and its artistic gems!

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

If you're in the mood for some classic modern art and a good dose of sunshine, the McNay Art Museum is just the place to go! Founded in 1954, it was the first of its kind in Texas. Built on Marion Koogler McNay's 24-room mansion, it houses an impressive 20,000-piece collection of masterpieces, including works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe and Edward Hopper. Not to mention the lush grounds surrounding it - 23 acres (9.3 hectares) of rolling lawns, fountains, exotic gardens and fishponds! The McNay Art Museum is only a 10-minute drive away from the airport, so what are you waiting for? Come explore this beautiful mansion and its artistic gems!

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap San Antonio Airport Parking

Museum Madness

The DoSeum is a unique museum that lets kids touch, play, and run around their interactive exhibits! With 5.5 acres of both indoor and outdoor spaces located just 8 miles from the San Antonio Airport, it's the perfect place to let kids burn off some energy before a long flight. Colorful and creative environments like the code-breaking spy academy and the musical staircase will inspire children to learn through play – it's an unforgettable experience!

A World Underground

Have you heard of The Cave Without a Name? It's been around since the early 20th century and is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, scientific importance, and amazing acoustics. And get this – it was named by a young boy who thought it was too beautiful to have an actual name! You'll get to explore 126 steps down into the cave, and be wowed by the huge stalactites and stalagmites that it has formed over thousands of years. Plus, it's home to a colony of rare pipistrelle bats and is one of two places in the world where you can spot the Kendall County Salamander. Keep an eye out for the events calendar around your visit, as you might be able to catch one of their concerts – it's an incredible way to experience its unique acoustics. Pretty cool, right? So don't miss out!

Fill Your Boots

Have you ever seen a pair of boots so big, they'd make your head spin? Look no further than the world's biggest cowboy boots in San Antonio! Standing at an impressive 40 feet tall—that's 12 meters for all you non-metric folk—these mammoth shoes can be found just two miles from the airport. For the last 30 years, these iconic boots have been a part of San Antonio's culture and history. And if you're looking for more than just oversized footwear, North Star Mall—where the boots are located—has over 200 stores and restaurants for you to explore. And it's only an 8-minute drive from the airport! So what are you waiting for? Get those boots on and get exploring!

San Antonio Airport Parking Spaces You Need to Know About

Which Terminal?

San Antonio Airport has got it all; over 260 daily arrivals and departures, 25 gates, and a dozen different airlines including Delta, Air Canada and United Airlines. You can fly non-stop to cities throughout the USA such as New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC – plus four major Mexican airports! All the airlines that offer flights from SAT can be found on the San Antonio Airport website. So why not check it out and plan your next trip? It could be to anywhere!

How To Get To San Antonio Airport


Heading to SAT from downtown San Antonio or from out of state? No problem! The airport is easy to get to — just take I-410, a loop around the city, and Highway 281 which goes north-south through Texas. Use the ZIP code TX 78216 and then follow Airport Boulevard until you reach your parking lot — simple!


If you're looking for an easy and convenient way to get to and from San Antonio Airport, VIA's Route 5 bus is a great option! Every 20 minutes between 6am and 10pm, seven days a week, the route 5 bus operates between the dedicated bus stop at the west end of Terminal B and downtown San Antonio. The journey usually takes around half an hour in regular traffic, however it can take longer during peak times. And if you're traveling further afield, you'll be pleased to know that the bus also stops at the North Star Transit Center - a hub for regional and interstate bus services. For more information on schedules and routes check out VIA's website.


If you're taking the train to SAT, the nearest station is Amtrak San Antonio, just 10 miles away. It'll be a 15-minute taxi ride, and there unfortunately isn't a train station right at the airport itself.

Useful Tips

Maximize Your Savings with Ultimate San Antonio Airport Parking

Arrive Early

Heading to San Antonio Airport? To ensure you don't get stuck in long queues, be sure to plan ahead and give yourself enough time. If your flight departs before 7:30am, arrive two hours early; if after 7:30am, one and a half hours should do it. With over 23,000 people coming and going daily, it's best to be prepared! Make sure you arrive on time so that you can catch your flight without a problem. San Antonio Airport gets over 23,000 daily visitors and queues at both terminals and parking lots can get pretty long during peak times. If your flight departs before 7:30am, arrive at the airport two hours ahead of time. If it's after 7:30am, plan on arriving at least 1.5 hours in advance so you don't miss your flight. Happy travels!

Terminal Terminology

At San Antonio Airport, Terminal A takes care of all international flights - arrivals and departures. Meanwhile, if you're staying domestic, head over to Terminal B! The two buildings both underwent some major changes from 2010 to 2012. Before this they were called Terminals 1 and 2 but now are referred to as A and B. So no worries if someone accidentally calls them by their old numbers!

Ask An Ambassador

Visitors to San Antonio Airport can easily spot the friendly Airport Ambassadors wearing their denim vests and cowboy hats. They are a great source of help and advice, whether you need directions, want to get something to eat or just want some fun activities before your flight. So don't be shy - say hello and take advantage of these helpful folks! They'll be more than happy to help you out.

Best San Antonio Airport Parking Spaces for Your Next Trip

Parking Patrol

SAT's Parking Division is always on standby to help you out - no matter what day or time it is! We provide complimentary battery starts, tire inflation and vehicle location services if you ever find yourself in a bind. So don't worry - we've got your back!

Free Pick-up/drop-off

Looking for a great place to pick up and drop off your passengers near the airport? We've got you covered! SAT's Parking Garage multi-story facility offers free parking for the first 15 minutes, so you can hop out and grab your passengers with ease. Plus, it’s only a short walk or five-minute shuttle ride to check-in. And if you're waiting for travelers, you can hang out in the Waiting Lot and take advantage of the free WiFi until they contact you! Easy peasy.

San Antonio Airport FAQs

How Much To Park At San Antonio Airport?

Looking for airport parking in San Antonio? Daily and weekly rates can vary depending on the time of year you're looking to book, as well as what type of service you're after. Services closer to the terminal may be a bit pricier, but don't worry - just use our search feature at the top of this page and you'll get an accurate quote. Happy travels!

How Much Is Long Term Parking At San Antonio Airport?

If you're looking for an affordable, close option for overnight parking near San Antonio airport, then Long Term Parking is the way to go! With Looking4, you can get reduced prices on official airport parking. It's a quick walk away from the main terminal building and closer than other options like Economy Green Lot and Red Lot. All you have to do is enter your travel dates into the quote bar and Looking4 will find you the best prices for your next vacation. Get ready to fly without breaking the bank!

Everything You Need to Know About San Antonio Airport Parking

Where To Park At San Antonio Airport?

If you're looking for parking options at San Antonio airport, we've got you covered! Just fill out the quote form with your date and time of travel and we'll generate a list of available options. You can choose from short-term, long-term, economy, and long-term surface parking - whichever one fits your needs best. Get your quote today!

What Destinations Can I Fly To And From San Antonio Airport?

Flights from San Antonio Airport can take you to all sorts of exciting destinations, either directly or with connecting flights! Planning your next getaway has never been easier. Where will you go?

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Brisbane

  • Canberra

  • Newcastle

  • Perth

  • Gold Coast

  • Cairns

  • Hobart

  • Sunshine Coast

  • Launceston

  • Ballina-Byron

  • Auckland

  • Wellington

  • Christchurch

  • Nelson

  • Los Angeles

  • LaGuardia

  • Gatwick

  • London City

  • Fiumicino

  • Venezia

  • Barcelona El Prat

  • Madrid

  • Buenos Aires

  • Zurich

  • Frankfurt

  • Hamburg

  • Cape Town

  • Dublin

  • Calgary

  • Toronto

San Antonio Airport Parking: Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Experience

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