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Parking Cupid > Vlog > Vlog: Hey There! Heading Southwest Florida International Airport Video

Vlog: Hey There! Heading Southwest Florida International Airport Video

Feel free to watch the video above or at about Southwest Florida Airport And Parking, listen to the podcast here or read the transcript below. Greetings! Are you planning on visiting Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW)? It is the fifth-busiest airport in Florida and welcomes over 8 million passengers each year. To make your experience as convenient as possible, let's take a look at everything you need to know about Southwest Florida Airport Parking! Southwest Florida Airport has both short-term and long-term parking lots that are open 24/7 so you can park your car any time of the day or night. Starting with the Short-Term Parking Garage, it is located just opposite the main terminal building and offers up to 20 minutes of free parking - a great cost effective option for quick drop offs!

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Hey there, heading to Southwest Florida International Airport.

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Well, RSW is the fifth busiest airport in Florida and welcomes over 8 million passengers each year.

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So convenient parking is a bonus, right?

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I'm about to give you an introduction to everything you need to know about Southwest Florida Airport parking.

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So you can be prepared when you get there.

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At Southwest Florida Airport, the long-term and short-term parking lots are open around the clock.

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So you can park your car any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

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Starting off with short-term parking, the short-term parking garage is the perfect spot for making quick drop-offs at the airport.

00:00:48,900 --> 00:00:56,540
It's just opposite the main terminal building and it offers free parking for your first 20 minutes.

00:00:56,540 --> 00:01:01,820
So that's great if you just have to quickly stop and pick someone up or drop someone off.

00:01:01,820 --> 00:01:05,740
A time and cost-effective option for you, right?

00:01:05,740 --> 00:01:12,660
Moving on to the long-term parking, the long-term parking lot is located just behind the short-term parking garage.

00:01:12,660 --> 00:01:22,140
It offers ground-level parking and a free shuttle service taking you straight from the lot to the terminal curb.

00:01:22,140 --> 00:01:25,100
So that's another convenient option.

00:01:25,100 --> 00:01:34,140
If you happen to be heading to Fort Myers, the Baymont Inn and Sweeps have you covered with their self-park, uncovered car parking option.

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For just $20 per day, it's the perfect way to get pretty great value when you're staying for a week or maybe more.

00:01:44,140 --> 00:01:50,820
And the best prices on your stay,, they have all of the information.

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Just use our search box above when you're on the blog post to compare prices for your chosen dates.

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And if you're waiting to pick someone up at the airport, you'll have the option of waiting in the cell phone lot.

00:02:06,060 --> 00:02:14,620
It's just maybe a two-minute drive from the main terminal building and when your passenger lets you know that they're ready,

00:02:14,620 --> 00:02:19,620
it's just a super quick and convenient hop back to the terminal curb to collect them.

00:02:19,620 --> 00:02:29,420
And you can wait in this lot for free so you don't have to sit and pay parking while you wait for your passenger to come out of the airport.

00:02:29,420 --> 00:02:37,420
So lastly, if you're looking for accommodation near Southwest Florida Airport, there are plenty of three-star hotels to choose from.

00:02:37,420 --> 00:02:46,420
And you can expect free Wi-Fi, access to on-site gyms, pools, business centers, and some have a complimentary breakfast in the morning,

00:02:46,420 --> 00:02:50,420
which is always really nice, especially when you are traveling.

00:02:50,420 --> 00:02:58,420
Plus, there's parking. Most of the hotels will provide you an airport shuttle direct to your departure terminal or from your arrival terminal.

00:02:58,420 --> 00:03:08,420
And they're free shuttles. Here's some other helpful tips for drivers picking up or dropping off or parking at RSW.

00:03:08,420 --> 00:03:15,420
You can charge up your car while you wait for your flight at RSW Airport Service Plaza.

00:03:15,420 --> 00:03:26,420
On this site, store and gas station. It has 24-hour availability so you can top up your battery no matter what time it is.

00:03:26,420 --> 00:03:34,420
So rest assured that you'll make it to your gate without so much stress or worry about timelines or traffic.

00:03:34,420 --> 00:03:43,420
And the TravelX Business Center is the perfect spot inside the airport for busy business travelers.

00:03:43,420 --> 00:03:49,420
It's located on the second floor hall leading to Concourse B. You might want to get a pen for this.

00:03:49,420 --> 00:03:54,420
And it's open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.

00:03:54,420 --> 00:04:00,420
Here you're going to find internet kiosks, fax, and photocopying services right in the airport.

00:04:00,420 --> 00:04:09,420
U.S. Mail and FedEx drop off points. This is great, right? All essentials for staying connected while you're on the go and traveling.

00:04:09,420 --> 00:04:20,420
At the main terminal, you'll find two ATMs conveniently located near Starbucks and Jose Cuervo de Quilerilla.

00:04:20,420 --> 00:04:26,420
To help you get around, take a look at the handy terminal map available on the airport's website.

00:04:26,420 --> 00:04:35,420
Hey, I really hope all of this helped you with making your travels a little smoother to and from Southwest Florida International Airport.

00:04:35,420 --> 00:04:38,420
And it'll be more enjoyable and stress-free.

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And why not check out's other helpful blog posts for all the latest updates about parking-cupid community, tips and tricks for affordable parking.

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And the rest of this blog post, I'm going to drop that link below in the description and just follow it over to

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For now, stay safe, happy travels, and happy parking.

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