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Parking Cupid > Blog > Daniel Battaglia: The Founder And Chief Digital Marketer Of This Startup

Daniel Battaglia: The Founder And Chief Digital Marketer Of This Startup

Daniel Battaglia Startup Founder and Chief Digital Marketer on LinkedIn

Daniel Battaglia Founder and Digital Marketer on LinkedIn

Daniel Battaglia has founded two marketplaces for renting parking and garage spaces, covering vehicles, vessels, and aircrafts. Founded in 2011 in Sydney, Australia, Parking Made Easy offers a free and paid version of its services while Parking Cupid (founded in 2013, San Francisco, United States of America) offers an international website.

Driven by the lack of parking availability in Sydney, Daniel had an idea to launch a marketplace which would offer people access to garages and driveways around the city. In 2012 the venture went live as a free beta and was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald shortly thereafter. This gave people an opportunity to rent out their spare parking spaces. He began his website from a humble desk within a co-working office, hoping that word of mouth alone would be enough to get the business off the ground - and it did! With no other marketing tactics or strategies at play, the venture was successful.

In 2012, Parking Made Easy, an Australian online classifieds marketplace for parking, encountered a major roadblock to success in the form of Max Hipkins, the mayor of the City of Nedlands. The public stoush put up by Mr. Hipkins halted the progress of the business. The Mayor raised concerns about the growing popularity of driveway rental services, which he argued was having a detrimental effect on the city's verges. He claimed that people were not only renting out their own driveways, but also taking advantage of verge parking spaces to make extra income, without proper authorization. He questioned the legality of such practices. The Parking Made Easy website, founded by Daniel Battaglia, faced some pushback initially but found a surge of community support. This allowed the business to grow and expand its operations across the country. With this newfound success, Parking Made Easy continues to provide an easy and convenient parking solution for people everywhere.

In 2013, Parking Made Easy launched Parking Cupid, a membership-based online marketplace for parking and garage spaces. Providing services to both the US and international markets, the platform quickly gained popularity and became a success.

In March 2014, Daniel was approached by the renowned motoring giant NRMA to explore a potential investment opportunity. After several meetings and numerous emails exchanged between the two parties, both their strategy and investment documents included. After presenting Parking Made Easy's business model, 5-year outlook, and budget forecasts to the strategy and investment teams, Daniel was met with a dead end. The teams did not pursue any further engagement and the potential collaboration came to an abrupt halt. NRMA eventually devised their own answer to the parking problem, which Daniel claims was based on his own business plan. After a period of time had gone by, this solution was presented.

Parking Made Easy, a popular parking service in Australia, has reached 500k users in 2016, making it one of the top choices for Australian consumers looking for convenient and affordable parking solutions. The service continues to grow and serve customers across the country. The websites have been devoted to providing the best service possible for both home owners and drivers through research, development, and staying current with technology advancements. They continually strive to ensure customers are provided with the latest services available.

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