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Parking Cupid > Blog > San Francisco Airport And Parking: Everything You Need To Know

San Francisco Airport And Parking: Everything You Need To Know

An Introduction To San Francisco Airport Parking

If you're flying out of San Francisco, there are plenty of parking options to choose from. You can opt for hourly, valet or reserved parking in any one of the domestic and international garages located near the terminals. Alternatively, there are also economy and park-and-ride lots both on-site and off-site. Accessible parking spaces and electric vehicle charging stations can be found in every on-site airport parking lot. So, you don't have to worry about finding a parking spot that suits your needs. It's all there!

Short-Term Parking

Domestic short-term airport parking in the central parking garage is great if you're looking for convenience or seeing off/meeting friends and family. And if you're flying international, there are similar short-term garages just before the International Terminal. Perfect for those quick trips!

Top Best San Francisco Airport Parking Garages for Hassle-Free Travel

Reserved Parking

ParkFAST is a great choice for frequent travelers looking to get in, park and out quickly. It's a reserved parking program with a convenient swipe card system located in the central domestic garage. No more waiting in line or wondering where to park – it's all taken care of! So why not give ParkFAST a try? You won't regret it!

Valet Parking

Valet services make it easy to leave your car before a trip. You can park it in the domestic garage or one of the off-site lots, and an attendant will take care of finding a space for you. When you come back, your car will be waiting for you - how convenient!

Long-term Parking

Long-term economy parking is located just outside the airport and is connected to the departure terminals via free 24/7 shuttle buses. It's great for those taking a longer trip as it gives a good balance of value and convenience.

Park And Ride And Valet Parking

Are you looking for a stress-free start to your trip from SFO? You can get that with Park 'N Fly, an off-site parking service. Just park up yourself or leave your keys with the valet and they'll take care of it. And when you're ready to head to the terminal, no need to wait – there's a shuttle bus that runs frequently. So go ahead and make your trip one to remember, right from the start.

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Guide To San Francisco Airport

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is really busy, carrying over 50 million passengers through its doors every year! It's the seventh-busiest airport in the USA and offers popular routes across other countries too. United Airlines has a big presence there, as does Virgin America. Plus, SFO contributes an incredible $60 billion to the Bay Area's economy. In the last decade, SFO has been recognized for a wide range of awards in areas like infrastructure engineering, mobile apps and customer service - putting it at the forefront of pioneering airports around the world. They're also constantly looking to maintain an exceptional travel experience whilst expanding further and bringing even more passengers through their doors. Pretty impressive!

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best San Francisco Airport Parking Garages

What Are San Francisco Airports Contact Details?

Address: San Francisco Airport, CA 94128, USA. Phone: +1 650-821-8211 Website:

Location Of San Francisco Airport

San Francisco International Airport is conveniently located just 13 miles south of Downtown San Francisco, in San Mateo County. Close to cities like Daly City, Brisbane, South San Francisco and Millbrae, it's easily accessible by car from US Route 101 and there's also access via public transportation. The BART Pittsburg/Bay Point to SFO/Millbrae line departs from Pittsburg, through Oakland and San Francisco, to the airport. Additionally, SamTrans bus routes run along the peninsula from locations like San Mateo, Palo Alto and central San Francisco. No matter how you choose to get there, SFO is easy to reach!

History Of San Francisco Airport

SFO was originally just a temporary dirt runway in the middle of a cow pasture, but it quickly became a permanent airport when it opened in 1927. United Airlines soon made it their home base, and tons of expansion plans followed - from runways to parking lots to seaplane docks. By the 1940s and 1950s, SFO had international connections, and the 20th century saw it grow even more. During the dot-com boom of the 90s, SFO was actually ranked as the sixth busiest airport in the world! Even though that demand has died down a bit, it still offers amazing quality and service today.

San Francisco Airport Facilities

Head to San Francisco Airport and you'll find around 150 concessions dotted through its terminals, offering award-winning food, drinks, and shopping. Plus there are plenty of local eateries and stores that offer some unique choices you won't find anywhere else. The airport's got more than just great options for food - it also has a volunteer ambassador-style program that's been running since the 1950s. You'll find information booths in the departures and ticketing areas of the terminals, plus Ready, Set, Fly workshops for individuals with autism or developmental disabilities and their families. Or you could book an airport concierge service through Airport Butler. So why not come to San Francisco Airport and get the full experience? You won't regret it!

Best Guide to San Francisco Airport Parking Garages

  • Smoking areas

  • Prayer room

  • Postal services

  • Pet collection

  • Pharmacy

  • Free WiFi

  • Family facilities

    • Nursery

    • Toys/books

  • Currency exchange

  • ATM machines

  • Visitor information booth

  • Terminal car park

  • Long-term car park

  • Drop-off zone

  • Toilets

  • Disabled access

  • Baby-changing facilities

  • Shopping

    • Duty free

    • Convenience stores

    • Newsagents

    • Designer brands

    • Souvenirs

  • Food

    • Restaurants

    • Cafés

    • Chocolate shops

  • Drinks

    • Bars

    • Alehouses

    • Coffee shops

San Francisco Airport Hotel And Parking

If you're looking for an easy way to catch an early flight or late arrival, why not check out a hotel and parking package? Generally these packages offer up to two weeks of free or low-cost parking if you stay at least one night in the hotel. Plus, many provide shuttle buses from the hotel to the airport. Usually they're just a short distance away, within five miles (eight kilometers). You'll need to book in advance and cancellations are usually free. There are lots of local independent hotels and motels that offer parking spaces. Plus, if you prefer the convenience of bigger brand names like Best Western, Holiday Inn, Marriott, Ramada or Travelodge, you can find a hotel specifically serving the needs of airport passengers - some even offer up to three weeks of parking as part of your reservation. It's worth checking out!

Top Things To Do In San Francisco Airport

How to Find the Cheapest San Francisco Airport Car Spaces

Unwind In The Relaxation Spaces

SFO has plenty of places to help you chill before your flight or during a layover. Check out the spas around the terminals for quick massages and beauty treatments like manicures and pedicures. There's even two free yoga rooms, a reflection room for meditation, and a Christian Science Reading Room if you're looking for somewhere quiet. And if you're really in a jam, the Freshen Up booth in the International Terminal has you covered with nap rooms and shower facilities. Perfect for those long delays!

Visit The Aviation Museum And Exhibits

The SFO Aviation Museum and Library is an amazing place to explore! Located in the 1930s passenger lobby, you'll find exhibitions, research services, educational programs and an event space available for hire. From photography to aircraft models, there's something here for everyone interested in aviation. Plus, they often host special exhibits partnered with other museums or collections. Recent examples include airline uniform design, shoes from around the world, Roman architecture and a look at the history of gambling machines. There's something new to discover every time you visit!

Meet The Wag Brigade

There's no denying that the stars of the show at San Francisco International Airport are the Wag Brigade! This therapy dog program not only comes with furry friends, but even a therapy pig who loves meeting new people and showing off some tricks. All animals are certified through SFSPCA Animal Assisted Therapy and carefully chosen to work in the airport and bring joy, happiness and love to passengers of all ages. Pretty cool, huh?

First Rate Guide to Finding Cheap San Francisco Airport Car Spaces

Indulge In Fantastic Food

SFO is well-known for its award-winning food and drink concessions, which offer a great variety of both familiar brands and local restaurants. In Terminal 2, the Napa Farms Market is an awesome spot offering lots of delicious, fresh and healthy takeaways including picnics, pizzas, hot dishes and desserts. Yankee Pier in Terminal 3 is great for seafood lovers - they fly in the freshest catches twice a day so you can enjoy amazing lobster, crab and chowder dishes. If you're in the International Terminal, Ebisu should definitely be on your list - they serve awesome sushi, noodle dishes, udon, edamame and miso soup! Enjoy!

Enjoy The Art Program

The SFO Aviation Museum and SF Arts Commission have come together to create a public art program in the airport terminals. You'll find permanent displays of contemporary painting, sculpture, installations, and photography as well as rotating exhibitions of local art from schools and youth groups. Plus, there are interactive artworks for kids to enjoy in the Terminal 2 Kids' Spots. So if you're in the airport, take some time to check out all the amazing art!

Top Things To Do Near San Francisco Airport

Alcatraz Island

Heading to San Francisco? Check out Alcatraz! Just 15 miles from SFO Airport, this former prison island offers one of the city's most unique attractions. Take a ferry ride with panoramic views of SF and its famous bridges, watch a movie on the history of the island, take an audio tour of what used to be the prison, explore features like the lighthouse, historic military fortifications and rock pools with a resident seabird colony. Day and night tours are available, so don't miss out - pre-book to make sure you get a spot!

Cheap San Francisco Airport Parking: Tips and Tricks

Golden Gate Bridge

Do you want to get a glimpse of the iconic Golden Gate suspension bridge? Just 18 miles (29 kilometers) away from SFO, it’s one of the most famous sights in San Francisco. Opened in 1937, this stunning structure was the longest bridge in the world for almost 30 years – and its beauty is truly awe-inspiring. If you’re up for a fun adventure, you can walk, cycle, drive or take a bus over the bridge and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city! Once you cross it, you’ll find Battery Spencer and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area – great places to relax, go for a walk or grab some food. On a lucky day, you might even spot some early-morning surfers underneath the bridge. Pretty awesome, huh?

AT&T Park

Head down to AT&T Baseball Park and catch the San Francisco Giants in action! This beautiful stadium is just 14 miles from SFO International and has some of the best city views around. Whether you're looking for VIP-style tickets or a family-friendly atmosphere, it's got something for everyone. Not to mention, the food selection is top-notch and really stands out compared to other modern stadiums. So come on down for a game, concert or whatever else your heart desires! You won't regret it!

Palace Of Fine Arts Theater

Situated a mere 19 miles (30 kilometers) from SFO, the Palace of Fine Arts Theater is an impressive sight with its century-old architecture inspired by Greek and Roman buildings. Surrounded by a lovely artificial lagoon and gardens, it also features beautiful panels and murals. Whether you want to explore or just relax on a nice day, the Palace of Fine Arts Theater has something for everyone. There are always art exhibitions happening, so it's no surprise that locals and tourists alike just love this place. Come check it out!

Save Money on Parking: Cheapest San Francisco Airport Car Spaces

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium, described by the New York Times as the most important science museum to open since the mid-20th century, is a must-visit for anyone looking for an interactive and experiential educational experience. Just 15 miles away from San Francisco Airport, this unique museum offers visitors the chance to learn about psychology, physics, biology, the natural world, magnetism and the local region by playing with and manipulating the exhibits. It's perfect for kids (and adults!) looking to have some fun while learning something new – it's guaranteed you won't feel like you're in school! And with so much to explore, hours will fly by faster than you can imagine.

Lands End

Head to Lands End for some fresh air! It's an 18 mile (29 kilometer) drive from San Francisco Airport and just a short distance around the coast from the Golden Gate Bridge. Here you'll find stunning panoramic views of the Bay Area, plus hiking and biking trails, shipwrecks visible at low tide, and even a hidden labyrinth. Keep an eye out for seals, birds, and wildflowers in springtime, but the real highlight is the spectacular sunsets! So grab your walking shoes and go explore. Trust us - you won't regret it.

The Cable Cars

Visiting San Francisco? You have to ride the iconic cable cars! Weekends can get pretty busy, so midweek is usually the best time to enjoy them. All-day passes are available if you plan to use them as your main mode of transportation for the day. The three lines around Nob Hill offer a great experience and don't forget to check out the Cable Car Museum at an intersection for a real treat! Hop on board and enjoy the ride!

Perfect Guide to San Francisco Airport Parking Spaces

San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art

If you're looking for a great art experience in San Francisco, check out the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art! It's conveniently located close to the Financial District and Union Square - just 14 miles away from the airport. The building itself is an architectural wonder, with a bold contemporary style and a central atrium. Inside, you can find an amazing collection of pieces from Matisse, Klee, Duchamp, Warhol and more. Plus, they always have ever-changing exhibitions, special events and educational programs. Don't forget to explore the rooftop garden and stop by their on-site cafe too! Or you can head out to one of the many restaurants in the area for a bite to eat. It's definitely worth a visit!

Which Terminal?

Flying out of San Francisco Airport (SFO)? You'll find domestic flights in the numbered terminals and all international flights at the single hub. But don't worry, you can still get around - the terminals are connected so you can walk or take the AirTrain! There's even shuttle buses that connect the terminals to long-term parking lots. Wondering which airlines have flights here? Check out SFO's website for the full list!

How To Get To San Francisco Airport


Heading to SFO? The airport is located in the 94128 ZIP Code of South San Francisco and accessible via US Route 101. Travelling from smaller cities along the coast such as San Jose, Salinas, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa? US Route 101 is your best bet. For those coming from larger cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento or Portland, switch to I-5 and then onto either I-80 at Sacramento or I-580 junction 445 near Tracy for a direct route to the airport. Don't forget there are plenty of rental cars, taxis and limousines available as well as car parking if you're travelling by your own vehicle. Enjoy your trip!

Best San Francisco Airport Parking Spaces for Your Next Trip


Heading to the airport? SamTrans has you covered! With four stops around SFO's main terminal buildings, plus the Car Rental Center, they provide a 24-hour public bus service that connects you to destinations in San Francisco and San Mateo County. Plus, it's an economical way to get from downtown SF; your travel time is usually just over an hour! So hop on board and get ready for takeoff.


Traveling to San Francisco Airport is a breeze thanks to its fantastic train connections. The AirTrain system runs 24/7 and offers free rides between all terminals, the Car Rental Center, and the BART rail station at Courtyard G in the International Terminal. You can purchase vouchers for BART ahead of time, or just pay when you reach the SFO BART station. This service'll take you into the city center and other locations such as Richmond, Pittsburg, Dublin, Fremont and Oakland International Airport (OAK). For those traveling in the opposite direction, there's a connection to Millbrae where you can board Caltrain. Caltrain provides service from Downtown San Francisco to SFO, San Jose, San Jose International Airport (SJC), and Gilroy down south. Easy peasy!

Useful Tips

Avoid Busy Times

The busiest times to check-in are usually between 6am and 9am on weekdays in the domestic terminals, and 12pm to 3pm in the International Terminal. However, a lot of regular passengers have reported delays when going through immigration and passport control at any time during the day, so it's important to plan ahead if you want to make it to your gate on time.

San Francisco Airport Parking Spaces: A Comprehensive Review

Beware The Weather

Delays at San Francisco are a regular occurrence due to the dense fog that usually settles in the bay area. Before you head off to SFO, make sure you check up on the weather and the airport's website for any flight delays - it could save you some time!

Use Time-saving Options

Traveling through SFO can be a breeze if you take advantage of the TSA Precheck and CLEAR biometric passport systems. These programs make your journey so much easier, especially during busy times!

Plan To Eat

Terminal 1's food selection isn't the best, so if you're looking to grab a bite while at the airport, it's a good idea to plan ahead and find out where you'd like to eat. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get there too - the airport is quite big!

Come Powered Up

At SFO, it can be tricky to find an available power outlet for charging phones, laptops and other devices - so make sure you charge everything before you arrive! Depending on where you're coming from and how busy the terminal is, this could be even harder. So just make sure you don't get caught out!

Find A Space For Work

The International Terminal has a great workspace if you're looking for somewhere to work remotely: the Converge@flySFO Lounge! With networking space, WiFi, desks, power outlets and white boards available for all users, it's definitely an ideal spot to get some work done. Perfect for when you don't have access to an airline lounge!

Find the Best San Francisco Airport Parking with These Tips

Where To Sleep If You Get Stuck

A delayed flight can be really inconvenient, especially if your airport has limited public transport options late at night. That said, most airports won't mind if you decide to call it a night and get some shut-eye there. Alternatively, many local hotels offer free shuttle services around the clock – so if you're looking for a more comfortable spot to rest, you can easily catch a ride!

San Francisco Airport FAQs

How Much Is Parking In San Francisco Airport?

Parking at San Francisco airport can be a breeze if you use Looking4's quote search at the top of this page. Before searching, make sure to have all your relevant information ready, like travel dates and times, for the most accurate quotes possible! That way, you can be sure you're getting the best deal for parking during your vacation.

What Destinations Can I Fly To And From San Francisco Airport?

Flights from San Francisco Airport can take you to all sorts of exciting destinations, either directly or with connecting flights! Planning your next getaway has never been easier. Where will you go?

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Brisbane

  • Canberra

  • Newcastle

  • Perth

  • Gold Coast

  • Cairns

  • Hobart

  • Sunshine Coast

  • Launceston

  • Ballina-Byron

  • Auckland

  • Wellington

  • Christchurch

  • Nelson

  • Los Angeles

  • LaGuardia

  • Gatwick

  • London City

  • Fiumicino

  • Venezia

  • Barcelona El Prat

  • Madrid

  • Buenos Aires

  • Zurich

  • Frankfurt

  • Hamburg

  • Cape Town

  • Dublin

  • Calgary

  • Toronto

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