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About: The Origins Of It All


So after feeling fed up with the inability to find a parking space and mounting parking fines, I knew it was time for action. I had been traveling extensively before coming back to Sydney and visiting my friend in Paddington. When I arrived, I was met with the challenge of finding a place to park my car. The experience was so frustrating that it sparked the idea for Parking Made Easy for Australia - a service which makes finding parking spots an effortless task. So when in San Francisco I created Parking Cupid For America and more. This service also connects car owners to people who have extra space in their garages or driveways that they’re willing to rent out.

Parking In San Francisco Is Now Easy

Some people, such as those who need to park their car near work and do not want to pay for expensive parking options, may opt to rent out a garage or driveway for the long-term. Alternatively, couples living in an inner city apartment with only one parking spot might choose to have two vehicles.
Also other people take advantage of parking spaces for more than just leaving their cars there. For instance, they may use one to attend a nearby event or watch a football match. I've even heard of mothers who rent out driveways so they can conveniently bring and fetch their children from school.
Parking Cupid offers a variety of services to handle all types of parking issues.

I proposed creating a website that would match drivers seeking parking with homeowners who had spare driveways or garages and wanted to make some extra money.
I put my ideas into action after gaining positive feedback and joined a community workspace to start developing Parking Cupid. After spending 4 months perfecting the concept, I finally launched the website in February 2012. It was well-received by many users and has served as an easy way to find parking spots ever since.

What is Parking Cupid?

Parking has never been easier with the help of Parking Cupid! This convenient platform provides drivers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all over Australia with an array of parking options. Rent spaces from real people such as garages, driveways and car parks both commercial and non-commercial - it's a fast and easy way to find parking.
We're sure you'll be able to find something helpful here!

If you own a home, rental property, or an unused parking lot, there are plenty of options for leasing out the space. You could rent out your spot for trailers, boats, trucks, and buses; and even provide space for an airplane or helipad. All these opportunities can help you generate extra income. So why not join now? !
Parking isn't always easy to find, but with this solution it can be made much simpler. It allows drivers to quickly locate an ideal parking spot near their location that fits within their budget. This opens up the possibility of increased earnings for those who use it. No more wasting time aimlessly looking for a place to park - simply search Parking Cupid!

How does Parking Cupid work?

Join now with us to gain access to a host of features! You can easily search for parking spots, update your email address and password, and even post listings for your vacant parking space. There are no obligations when it comes to subscribing to our emails or deactivating your account - so you always have complete control.

If you're looking for a parking space close to your workplace, Parking Cupid may be the perfect solution. Through this service, you can connect with property owners who rent out unused garages, driveways, and vacant apartment car spaces. By finding the right spot for you, you can easily arrange to rent it on a monthly basis.
With Parking Cupid, you won't have to think twice about where to park. No more worrying or paying outrageous parking fees - you can leave it all up to us! We'll make sure you get the best spot for your car, every time. Enjoy the convenience of always having a place to park without any stress.

Parking Cupid provides an easy-to-use website and blog to help you get the most out of your parking experience. Our blog covers a range of topics, from appealing parking tickets to different parking options. Check out our help pages and FAQs for more information. If you need any additional assistance or support, please feel free to contact us.


Daniel and The Parking Cupid Team

Daniel Battaglia From Parking Made Easy

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