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Parking Cupid > Vlog > Vlog: Drivers Spend Over 3,000 Hours Searching For Parking Spaces Annually Video

Vlog: Drivers Spend Over 3,000 Hours Searching For Parking Spaces Annually Video

Feel free to watch the video above or at about 3,120 Hours To Search For Parking, listen to the podcast here or read the transcript below. Parking Cupid is revolutionising the way drivers look for, reserve and pay for parking spaces. With a few clicks you can access numerous options available at discounted rates compared to commercial parking lots. Say goodbye to expensive tickets and wasted time looking for a spot - book with us today and start enjoying the convenience of our advanced search parameters!

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Hey there, do you want to hear something crazy? There's a recent report that suggests that people spend

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3,120 hours of their life just driving around looking for parking spaces.

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Who has time for that kind of nonsense? That's insane, right?

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Well, there's this new service that millions of people are turning on to and I'm so glad I found it too.

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And it matches drivers with available parking spaces in their area.

00:00:30,440 --> 00:00:38,840 I mean, first of all, let's just think about that name. How amazing is that? It's a parking match site.

00:00:38,840 --> 00:00:49,640 You can save up to 50% on residential parking as compared to what you pay in commercial lots.

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And this also gives you more money, obviously, to put toward things that you love doing like vacations, movies, dinners out, shopping, whatever you want to spend your money on.

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And your time. Let's not even mention the hours and hours that you're going to gain by not having to drive around the block.

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And let's say goodbye to the expensive tickets on the windshield.

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I mean, we've all been there, right? Where you are like, hmm, I think I'll just park here for a second and run in. Won't take me long.

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But then it takes you longer than expected and you end up with the ticket on your windshield, right?

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It's the worst. So here's how it works.

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Property owners are now making their vacant spaces such as garages, driveways and other unused spaces available to park at a reduced cost.

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And so this means easier parking for you and fewer fees to pay too.

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So they make the most out of this match up with these homeowners and drivers looking for spots.

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So I mean, why not check out parking Cupid? It's really going to be your go to destination for all your parking needs.

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So on the website, there's a huge database of parking spaces. And if you want to list a vacant space, you can find all of the helpful information to make sure you price it right and you get it listed.

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Also, you can check out the regular blog posts which provide all kinds of information on the latest services and updates.

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So join now.

00:02:38,640 --> 00:02:47,640, it gives back your time, your money and your peace of mind. I mean, who doesn't need more of all of that stuff?

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