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Gatwick Airport And Parking: Everything You Need To Know

An Introduction To Gatwick Airport Parking

Looking for the best deals on parking near Gatwick Airport? We've got you covered! Check out our prices based on staying for a week in a month's time. Just use the search box above to get accurate prices for your exact dates and start saving today! Happy travels!

Dropping Off And Picking Up

Dropping off or picking up your loved ones at Gatwick Airport? No problem! You can drop off on the lower level of either terminal for free, and if you need a bit more time to say goodbye, there are short-stay car parks available too. Plus, if you don't stay longer than two hours in the long-stay car park, it won't cost you a thing - so why not grab a drink and a bite to eat whilst you wait? It's the perfect way to send your passengers off in style.

The Ultimate Guide to Gatwick Airport Parking

Short-stay Parking

Heading to Gatwick Airport? The short-stay car parks are perfect for those quick trips. Located at both the South and North Terminals, these car parks are only a few minutes away. For easy navigation, just use the post codes RH6 0LL for South Terminal (car park 3 orange) or RH6 0PJ for North Terminal (car park 5). And don't worry, they're both multi-storey buildings with 24-hour CCTV and security so you can be sure to leave your car in a safe place. No minimum stay required! So what are you waiting for? Head over to Gatwick Airport for your quick trip.

Long-stay Parking

Gatwick has some great long-stay parking options just a quick 5 to 10 minute shuttle bus ride away from each terminal – there's a bus every 10 or 15 minutes, so you won't be waiting around for ages. If you're looking for the postcodes, it's RH6 0LL for the South Terminal and RH6 0RN for the North Terminal. You can even park at the South Terminal and still fly from the North, so you're not limited by your airline. Pretty convenient, right?

Valet Parking

At LGW, you don't have to worry about where to park your car. We offer convenient valet parking that's only a four-minute walk from the entrance. All you have to do is drive up, give your keys to a professional driver and they'll take care of it for you. When you return, our meet and greet service will have your car ready and waiting for you right at your terminal - no need to walk or wait for shuttle buses. Plus, we can't transfer vehicles between terminals. So, it's super convenient!

Premium Parking

For those looking for a convenient and secure parking spot close to the terminals, LGW offers a Premium option. The car park is patrolled regularly and monitored with 24/7 CCTV so you can rest assured your vehicle is safe. This makes it perfect for short trips or business trips.

Gatwick Airport Parking: How to Find the Best Deals

Gatwick Airport Transfers

Are you looking for a convenient way to get from the centre of London to Gatwick Airport? Or maybe you need an efficient transfer from Gatwick to Heathrow Airport? Look no further than! We offer transfers by rail, coach and taxi – whatever is most suitable for your needs. Check out our website today to learn more about our transfer options. You won't be disappointed!

Gatwick Taxis

Are you looking for a taxi to Gatwick? We've got you covered! Enter your travel dates into our quote form and we'll compare all the top Gatwick taxi companies, like Trio Cars and Airport Red Carpet. Our minicabs are perfect for 1-8 passengers, and only work with operators who offer top-notch service and great prices. Get a Gatwick Airport taxi quote in seconds with Looking4 UK! It's that easy. Are you ready to book your ride? Let's do this!

Gatwick Express Tickets

Are you looking for the fastest way to get from Victoria Station to Gatwick? Look no further than Looking4Transfers! We can get you the best Gatwick Express price. The Gatwick Express is a direct train - meaning you'll be at your destination in just 30 minutes, a fifth of the time it would take you to drive. Plus, it's the most frequent route to the airport, running every 15 minutes 18 hours a day. Business travellers can stay productive with on-board WiFi in all carriages - and everyone else can keep up with friends and family as they make their way to Gatwick. Book your ticket now for the fastest journey to the airport!

Gatwick Airport Shuttle Buses

Gatwick Airport Parking: On-Site vs Off-Site Options

Heading to Gatwick Airport soon? Looking4 UK have got you covered with their super cheap coach transfers! You can travel in luxury for as little as £6 - it's a great way to save some money on your trip. National Express coaches are fitted with leather seats, toilets, power sockets and air conditioning so you can travel in style. Whether you need a Heathrow to Gatwick shuttle or a longer journey such as Gatwick to Oxford, Looking4 UK have got it covered. Plus, they offer transfers to lots of popular destinations including Faro Airport Transfers and Barcelona. Why not get your trip off to the best start with some luxurious, yet affordable travel? Book your coach to Gatwick with Looking4 UK today!

Gatwick Car Hire

Are you looking to rent a car from Gatwick? It's located 38 miles south of London and prices can be expensive, but with the right comparison site you can find some great deals. Enjoy Travel reported that the most popular rental in the last 12 months was a Ford Focus, averaging £19 per day - but if you book two weeks ahead of time, you can get a Fiat500 for as low as £4.05 a day! That's a saving of 43%. So why not save yourself some money and book ahead?

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Guide To Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport, also called London Gatwick, is the runner-up in the UK's busiest airports. Last year it served a whopping 44 million passengers - the most of any single-runway airport in the world! Most flights are low-cost carriers like easyJet or Ryanair, and charter airlines such as British Airways and Thomson Airways. So whether you're on a budget or looking for more luxury, Gatwick has got you covered!

What Are Gatwick Airports Contact Details?

Save Money and Time with Gatwick Airport Parking

Address: Gatwick, Gatwick Airport, Gatwick RH6 0NP, United Kingdom. Phone: +44 344 892 0322 Website: https://

Location Of Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is located in the modern border between Surrey and West Sussex, but it was part of Surrey until 1974. It's just 29.5 miles (47.5 kilometres) south of Central London, and 3.1 miles (five kilometres) north of Crawley town centre. There's plenty of accessible parking close to both terminals and you can get to Gatwick from London Victoria in around 30 minutes via the Gatwick Express, which runs every 15 minutes. If you're travelling from Heathrow Airport, it's about 43 miles (69 kilometres) away, but there are dedicated National Express coach services that make the journey in around an hour. You can also reach Gatwick by rail from Crawley Station in eight minutes and from Brighton in 22 minutes. Driving from Brighton usually takes 40-60 minutes, depending on traffic, making Gatwick a popular airport for those living south of London.

History Of Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport has a pretty fascinating history! It originally got its name from an old manor house in neighbouring village of Charlwood back in the 13th century. The land was owned by the de Gatwick family, who probably never imagined that their ancestral home would eventually become London’s second airport. Gatwick began life as an aerodrome in 1930 and officially opened its doors to commercial flights in 1934. During World War II, RAF night-fighters used the site too. Later on, it was the first ever airport to be served directly by train when Gatwick Airport Station opened up east of the runway in 1958. The first long-haul flight from Gatwick was bound for the East Coast of the USA in the 70s, heralding a new era of travel for the region. Since then, it's been used by a pope and Queen Elizabeth herself opened up its second terminal - the North Terminal. Amazingly, March 2017 marked 49 consecutive months of growth for Gatwick, making it the world’s busiest single-runway airport! Pretty impressive! Gatwick is definitely a place full of history and culture, and we are all lucky to be able to use this great facility. Enjoy your travels through Gatwick!

Gatwick Airport Parking: Everything You Need to Know

Gatwick Airport Facilities

If you come to London Gatwick Airport, you'll be able to experience all the great amenities it has to offer! With free WiFi, secure on-site parking, and food options from around the world, LGW is the perfect place for travelers of all kinds. Plus, it's a record-setting single-runway airport that served 44 million passengers in the year to March 2017! So come on over and see what all the fuss is about.

  • Smoking areas

  • Prayer room

  • Postal services

  • Pet collection

  • Pharmacy

  • Free WiFi

  • Family facilities

    • Nursery

    • Toys/books

  • Currency exchange

  • ATM machines

  • Visitor information booth

  • Terminal car park

  • Long-term car park

  • Drop-off zone

  • Toilets

  • Disabled access

  • Baby-changing facilities

  • Shopping

    • Duty free

    • Convenience stores

    • Newsagents

    • Designer brands

    • Souvenirs

  • Food

    • Restaurants

    • Cafés

    • Chocolate shops

  • Drinks

    • Bars

    • Alehouses

    • Coffee shops

Gatwick Airport Hotel And Parking

Are you flying out of Gatwick Airport? Consider staying the night and get parking for your vehicle at a discounted rate! BLOC Gatwick, near the South Terminal, offers great deals when you book your room with valet parking at LGW. Plus, you can control everything from the lights to the temperature to the TV right from your phone! Or, Hampton by Hilton near the North Terminal also provides convenient Meet and Greet parking for as long as you need. Other hotels, like the Hilton London Gatwick Airport, Crowne Plaza Felbridge or Sofitel Hotel North Terminal, may offer valet parking at an added fee. Get ready to experience the ultimate convenience!

Top Things To Do In Gatwick Airport

Best Gatwick Airport Parking Deals

Toast Your Trip

Feeling thirsty before your flight? No worries, LGW has loads of places to grab a drink! Whether you're in the mood for a classic pub, modern bar or something inspired by Jamie Oliver – there's something for everyone. So go ahead and toast to your upcoming trip with a pint – cheers!

Get Stuffed

Need to grab something to eat at the airport before taking off on your next big adventure? Look no further than Gatwick Airport! With 44 million passengers a year, there's plenty of options from Shake-a-Hula for hot dogs and milkshakes or Comptoir Libanais for Middle Eastern cuisine with free kids meals. Whatever you crave, Gatwick has it!

Be A Premium Passenger

Are you looking for somewhere to relax and wait at Gatwick Airport? Check out the lounges! You can pre-book your spot to enjoy a selection of food and drinks, fast WiFi, newspapers, kids' packs and more. It's the perfect way to make the most of your time before boarding your flight. Get in touch here to book your spot now!

Keep The Kids Happy

Taking your kids to the airport? The terminals have a Kids' Zone to keep them busy - it's full of mini games, spongy seats and large TVs. Why not take a break from the hustle and bustle while you wait for boarding calls on the screens? It's a great way to get your little ones settled before they fly!

Marvel At The Monarch

Gatwick Airport is following the trend of many modern airports by showcasing artwork. Artist Helen Marshall created two mosaic portraits of Her Majesty the Queen from images sent in by BBC Radio listeners from around the area, and they are now on display in both terminals. You won't see this artwork rivaling that of the Mona Lisa, but millions of people pass by them every day!

Get A 60-second Makeover

Heading to Gatwick? Stop by the duty free shop for a complimentary makeover! No need to pre-book - just ask a staff member when you're there and get ready to show off your fresh new look with your first social selfie of the trip. So pamper yourself and start your journey feeling fabulous!

Top Things To Do Near Gatwick Airport

The Pros and Cons of Gatwick Airport Parking

Experience The British Seaside

Heading to Gatwick Airport? Make sure you check out Brighton! It's only a 22 minute train ride away, so why not spend the day soaking up some sun on the beach and exploring The Lanes shopping district or checking out the unique offerings at the flea market? When you're done with that, don't forget to take in a show at the Theatre Royal or Brighton Little Theatre. It'll be one of the best days you have before or after your flight!

Gatwick Aviation Museum

If you're short on time before your flight out of Gatwick Airport, why not spend a couple of hours at the Gatwick Aviation Museum? It's got all sorts of amazing post-WW2 aircraft and runway views that will amaze the kids. Plus you can even get up close and personal in the cockpit of a light aircraft - it's sure to be an unforgettable experience! So make sure you check it out before you fly away.

Go Off-road

Heading to the airport near Crawley? Make sure you check out Tulleys Farm for some adrenaline-filled fun! Whether you want to get muddy riding quad bikes, sharpen your aim with archery and axe throwing, or take a spin in go karts, it’s only a 15-minute taxi ride away. This is the perfect place for large groups to get their heart rates going as soon as they reach England!

Go Wild At Go Ape!

Head south from Gatwick Airport for a 15-minute drive and you'll find yourself at Go Ape! in Tilgate Park, the perfect place for an adventure no matter your age. It's officially part of 'The Best Day Out in West Sussex', with everything from Tarzan swings to tricky twisters – just what you need to shake off the cobwebs after a long flight! So why not come and explore the forest canopy from up high? It's sure to be an exciting day out.

Gatwick Airport Parking: Tips and Tricks for a Hassle-Free Experience

Put On A Picnic

Tilgate Park is a great place to both relax and get your adrenaline pumping! It has a beautiful lake, lush green grass and amazing views of planes coming into Gatwick. With only seven miles away from the airport, you can watch the ducks fly into the lake while watching planes come in on the background - it's truly magical! Perfect for a picnic and a cold drink. What more could you want?

Explore Human History

Heading to Central London from Gatwick Airport with the Express or Southern Rail? Make sure to check out the British Museum in Bloomsbury - it's a world-renowned account of art and human history that's totally free to visit! It has ever-changing exhibitions from around the world, so you're bound to find something interesting. You can get to Central London in just half an hour, so why not make a day of it?

Taste The World At Borough Market

Head to Borough Market for an enlightening experience if you're in London. With a plethora of herbs, spices, meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables from all around the world - it'll be like having your own mini-world tour! No need to take a flight out of Gatwick airport - the market will give you the same global cuisine experience!

Get A Sheer View At The Shard

If you didn't get to see London from above when you landed at Gatwick, then don't worry! Head over to the Shard for a totally different view of the city. This skyscraper stands at an impressive 1003-ft (306-metre) and looks just like a shard of glass - hence its name! The View from the Shard viewing gallery is the highest and most spectacular in the UK, and will give you a stunning 360-degree view of London during the day or night. Don't miss out!

Comparing Gatwick Airport Parking Options: Which One is Right for You?

Lose Yourself In A Victorian Music Hall

Looking for a unique evening experience near the Tower of London? You need to check out Wilton's in Wapping! It's an old music hall that was created by smashing five Victorian houses together back in the 1850s and it has since been restored to its original grandeur. There's nothing quite like it around here, with conversation-stopping shows that will consume you for one night and change you for a lifetime. The nearest Underground station is Aldgate East, so why not make the most of your evening before an early flight and head over to Wilton's! You won't regret it.

Visit A Working Inner-city Windmill

Wondering what to do in London near Gatwick? Check out Brixton Windmill and the Windmill Brixton pub and music venue. It's an off-the-beaten-path kind of experience, but there's plenty of culture and fun to be had away from the hustle and bustle of Westminster. Plus, it's close enough to Gatwick that you can get there and back in time for your flight. So why not explore a different side of London south of the river? You won't regret it!

Which Terminal?

Gatwick Airport is a popular spot for travelers, with 53 airlines serving 44 million passengers each year. The most common carriers you'll find here are easyJet, British Airways and Norwegian. In 2017, Virgin Atlantic joined forces with easyJet and moved to the North Terminal while British Airways made their way over to the South Terminal. So if you're looking for a great airport experience, Gatwick Airport is definitely worth checking out!

How To Get To Gatwick Airport

Find the Best Deals on Gatwick Airport Parking: Your Ultimate Guide


If you're driving to Gatwick Airport, the easiest way from London is to take the A23 down to the M23 and leave it at Junction 9 for a direct link. If you're coming from up north, avoid London by leaving the M25 at Junction 7 and joining the M23 south towards Gatwick. Alternatively, if you're coming from the south, take the A23 from Brighton and join the M23 near Crawley. Don't forget that each terminal has a separate post code for sat nav: RH6 0NP for South Terminal and RH6 0PJ for North Terminal. Plus, if you're just dropping someone off or picking them up, you can use the long-stay car park at each terminal free of charge for up to two hours - South Terminal uses RH6 0LL and North Terminal uses RH6 0RN. Good luck!


Are you heading to Gatwick Airport? You'll want the South Terminal - there's a free shuttle for those headed to the North Terminal. You can take either the Gatwick Express or Southern Rail services, which run between London Victoria Station and Brighton every 15 minutes. It should only take around 30 minutes from London, and 22 from Brighton. Enjoy your trip!

Bus And Coach

Taking a bus to Gatwick Airport is an easy and convenient way to travel. If you're coming from London, Brighton, Oxford or Cambridge, buses run regularly from the South Terminal with free shuttle connections available from the North Terminal if needed. You can even take a direct bus from Heathrow airport on National Express which takes about an hour. Alternatively, easyBus, part of Gatwick's main airline partner easyJet, operates services to and from London. Or if you're coming from the Crawley or A23 areas, Metrobus has got you covered!

Useful Tips

Gatwick Airport Parking: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Use The Long-stay Car Parks For Dropping Off And Picking Up

Heading to Gatwick and need somewhere to park? The long-stay car parks are a great option, especially if you're only making a quick drop-off or pick-up. They're free for the first two hours too! Just enter RH6 0LL into your sat nav for South Terminal and RH6 0RN for North Terminal. All sorted!

You Can Park At The South Terminal And Fly From The North Terminal

If you're flying from LGW, parking options are doubled no matter which terminal you're departing from. Just hop on the free shuttle that connects both terminals every few minutes. Plus, South Terminal car parks tend to have less demand so it may be a better option for you!

Easyjet, British Airways And Virgin Atlantic Have Moved Terminals

In January 2017, Gatwick Airport completed the relocation of three major airlines to different terminals. easyJet and Virgin can now be found in the North Terminal at different peak times, while British Airways has moved to the South Terminal.

Gatwick Is Very Busy Most Mornings

Planning to fly out of LGW soon? Be sure to give yourself two or more hours before your flight, as peak times at the airport tend to be 6am-12pm. And don't forget about traffic on the roads around the airport - it can get busy too! That's why it's a good idea to plan ahead and leave in plenty of time, so you can get parked up and through security on time. Good luck with your flight!

Top Best Gatwick Airport Parking Garages for Hassle-Free Travel

Kids Eat For Free At Comptoir Libanais

Heading out on vacation? If you're travelling from Gatwick, then you'll be excited to know that there's a great spot for a pre-flight meal - Comptoir Libanais. This Middle Eastern takeaway restaurant is super casual and even better - kids can eat for free in May 2017! So take the strain off your wallet before you jet off and enjoy a delicious meal at Comptoir Libanais. Bon voyage!

Gatwick Airport FAQs

Do I Need To Pre-book Parking?

It's possible to pull up and park for a bit if you need to, but if you want to make sure you have a spot, it's best to book at least 24 hours ahead of time. Gatwick can guarantee you a space that way.

Can I Use A Blue Badge In Gatwick Airport Car Parks?

Are there any Blue Badge bays available at LGW? Yes, every on-site car park at LGW has designated Blue Badge bays. Unfortunately, there's no discount for stays of any length. You don't have to leave your Blue Badge in the car when you're away but make sure you tell the attendant before you leave.

How Do I Transfer Between Terminals?

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get between the South and North Terminals, there's a free shuttle service that runs every few minutes. It only takes three minutes - so you can be where you need to go in no time!

Affordable Gatwick Airport Parking Garages for Budget Travelers

I Have Lost Property – What Do I Do?

Oh no, did you lose your baggage at the airport? If so, you can reach out to the relevant department here. But if it was on the plane, then you need to contact your airline right away. Hope everything gets sorted soon!

Can I Book A Meeting At Gatwick Airport?

Sure, you can book the meeting rooms at the North Terminal's No 1 lounge and South Terminal's Regus Express business lounge by the hour.

What Destinations Can I Fly To And From Gatwick Airport?

Flights from Gatwick Airport can take you to all sorts of exciting destinations, either directly or with connecting flights! Planning your next getaway has never been easier. Where will you go?

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Brisbane

  • Canberra

  • Newcastle

  • Perth

  • Gold Coast

  • Cairns

  • Hobart

  • Sunshine Coast

  • Launceston

  • Ballina-Byron

  • Auckland

  • Wellington

  • Christchurch

  • Nelson

  • Los Angeles

  • LaGuardia

  • Gatwick

  • London City

  • Fiumicino

  • Venezia

  • Barcelona El Prat

  • Madrid

  • Buenos Aires

  • Zurich

  • Frankfurt

  • Hamburg

  • Cape Town

  • Dublin

  • Calgary

  • Toronto

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