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How To Add A Guest Blog

Register for a free account

  • Click here and go to join now
  • Enter your username, email and password
  • As an option, you can add a picture of yourself simply click on My Account then edit then picture and upload and it will appear in a small box on blog posts.
  • Then click on My Account menu and go to guest blog and then add guest blog, alternately directly visit Login

Add picture, article and links

  • It's done in Full HTML click that text format selection, please see below as a basic learner guide or here
  • Use this code for an image <img src="">
  • Use this code for a paragraph <p>Example Text</p>
  • Use this code for strong heading <strong>Example Text</strong>
  • Use this code for bold heading <b>Example Text</b>
  • Use this code for a link <a href="">Example Text</a>

Add location

  • Click Location menu item and enter city or suburb in Location name and choose the country.

See your blog posts

  • Click on My Account menu and go to guest blog, this link can be shared publicly with a listing of all your guest blog posts.

Email us the links

  • Email us the links at with subject link validation so they don't get deleted.

For an example see link and code below

<img src=""> <p>Are you having problems with your electrical system somewhere in your home? Maybe it is exposed wiring, overloaded sockets or flickering lights? Whatever the issue, most electrical problems should be investigated sooner rather than later by a professional <b><a href="">electrician Bondi</a></b> or where you are. Overlooking issues like this can lead to bigger problems and even leads to unsafe situations and house fires. But before you call the first electrician you have in the phone book or online how do you know they are good enough? Here are some things to look for and expect.</p> <p><strong>Determining whether an electrician is worth hiring</strong></p> <p>1) <strong>Make sure they are a legally operating electrician</strong></p> <p>You should check they have a license that is not just for your location but that is also not out of date. There are a surprising number of people who operate as electricians despite not being licensed to. Work carried out by such individuals or even yourself as DIY is not to code and not legal. Ask to see it and use the internet to make sure it is valid.</p> <p>2) <strong>Are able to show they are insured</strong></p> <p>Another thing they should be able to show you is that they have the right insurance. You do not want an accident to happen and find you are liable because your electrician was not covered.</p> <p>3) <strong>Two man teams make sense for larger jobs especially</strong></p> <p>Some homeowners prefer having a 2 person team <b><a href="">emergency electrician Sydney</a></b>. One can check the other’s work, jobs get done faster, especially with larger projects. This is not a requirement but it can be handy in some cases.</p> <p>4) <strong>Offers warranty or a guarantee on their work</strong></p> <p>Some of the better electricians offer warranties or guarantees and that is a very good thing. It means should something go wrong due to an error they made in their work they will come back and fix it for no additional charge. An electrician that offers this is very sure of their work and puts their customers' satisfaction as a priority.</p> <p>5) <strong>Offer a range of services </strong></p> <p>Rather than having one person do your smart alarm, another do your wiring and someone else come in for installations, see if one electrician, Bondi can offer all those services so you have the same person or people that you trust.</p> <p>6) <strong>Be there for you even out of regular hours</strong></p> <p>Not all electricians offer after hour call outs. You could find a separate emergency electrician Sydney based, or you could just make sure your regular service also offers evening and weekend call out options. Sometimes you need an electrician in the holidays or in the middle of the night. </p> <p>7) <strong>Have good reveiws</strong></p> <p>The best way to determine if they are any good is to talk to other customers! You can ask for references and talk to them, but you can usually find out a lot online nowadays. Look at review sites, local forums, social media pages.</p>

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