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Rent Parking Closer To You

Why Parking is Important?

We all need to park. For anyone who drives, it is part of your daily life. That means the need to rent parking spaces. For those who don’t drive, the vehicles in which you ride will eventually park somewhere. There is a real need for proper and safe parking spaces. This truth is often overlooked because it is so interwoven into our lives. That is where Parking Cupid has found a way to turn this everyday necessity into an opportunity for the average person to maximize the potential that is right before their eyes and rent their parking spaces.

The Benefits of Parking

Having the ability to park your car is of utmost importance. Having access to a secure, consistent parking space, especially in densely populated areas, is a necessity if you want any peace of mind at all. This means that you will eventually have to rent parking spaces. Everyone knows the feeling of parking your car in an undesirable spot when there were no better spots to be had. This can lead to stress and worry, making you miss out on the activity or event you left your house to enjoy.

Parking fines are never fun either. No one wants to give their money to a city council or a parking meter company. Even if you were in the wrong and parked in the wrong spot or if you didn't rent it for long enough, it is never a good time to pay out of pocket for a parking fine. You have already paid out of pocket to rent the space! The other benefit of having a safe and proper parking space is never having to worry again about paying another ticket!

Residential parking

Why Renting Your Parking is Important

Most people don’t think twice about their empty parking space. They definitely don't think about the ability to rent it. This is where opportunities lie. By seeing a need and providing the solution, you can turn an empty, seemingly useless space into a useful tool for you and your family. By choosing to rent your parking space through Parking Cupid, you are taking an unused commodity in your possession and turning it into an income-generating asset.

The Benefits of Renting Your Parking Space

The benefits of putting up your unused or underused parking space for rent are so obvious, it is amazing that the idea hadn’t been thought of sooner. As a resident or homeowner, you get to provide a service for those who need it as well as turning a nice tidy profit. There are no expensive overhead or business costs to incur, only an income stream to collect.

The biggest bonus of the entire process is that you are not exerting any extra effort to create this income. For some, the extra money is nice, for others, the extra income is a necessity, either for groceries or rent. No matter your current situation, you could benefit from choosing to rent out your parking space.

Olivia’s Story

Olivia is an elderly widow living in Sydney. She lives close to all the major amenities she needs including the grocery store, the pharmacy, the doctor’s office and the hair salon. For other longer trips, she has her family to help her out or she takes a cab.

Olivia’s late husband was the one who did almost all the driving in the household. He took care of the car and made sure all the necessary maintenance was up to date. Their family car had been his favorite possession and he was always tinkering with it. Olivia could think of only a few times in the last ten years that she had even driven that car!

Living on a Fixed Income

Ever since he passed, she has been wondering what to do with it. Living on a fixed income, especially in a city like Sydney, has its challenges. The prices of utilities, rent and the basic cost of living have continued to climb, year after year. Her husband had been diligent throughout their marriage to save and invest as well as have proper insurance. While her financial situation isn’t extremely tight, living on a fixed income presents its own set of unique hurdles and there isn’t a lot of “extra” money.

Between the insurance and registration for the car and the amount which she drives it (which is never), the extra cost was not worth it. She has considered selling the car and leaving the funds from the sale as a little nest egg which she could use for the little extras of life. A nice breakfast, gifts for the grandkids or any other little thing that she wants that is outside of her normal budget.

The thing is… she can’t sell her late husband’s car. It had meant so much to him and thus means a lot to her. The idea of the extra money is nice but she can’t bear to sell the car to a stranger and she would never sell it to a family member. Instead, she decided to give it to her oldest granddaughter, who had recently earned her license and found her first job. This way, she can remove the monthly cost of the car, do something great for her granddaughter and keep the car in the family. It seems like a fantastic resolution to the situation.

The “fun money”

While this option has taken care of the extra costs from the car, Olivia had been quite excited about the idea of a little “fun money” fund to play with. The potential of being able to live with a few extra options outside her fixed income is a very nice idea. Since she is a senior and hasn’t worked in decades, she isn’t going to go out and get a part-time job to make a little bit of side income. She also doesn’t want to ask or burden her children with such a request. She decided that there was no other way around it and settles into the life she is used to, without the extra added fun money.

Olivia had gone back to living without the idea of extra “fun money”. One day, her daughter-in-law was over and told her about a service that her co-worker had recently used. Her co-worker was able to rent a parking space through a site called Parking Cupid. The service itself was easy to use and convenient, but her daughter-in-law’s interest was piqued when she found out that the parking space for rent was a homeowner’s personal space! This got her thinking about Olivia’s unused space and had looked into it on her own. Maybe Olivia could rent hers?

Olivia Chooses to Rent Out Her Space

After researching how the site works, the 30-day money-back guarantee for memberships and all the great reviews, she registered Olivia as a member. She wanted to get Olivia’s permission to list her space up for rent. Olivia was unsure about how to run everything but her daughter-in-law said that she would take care of everything on the back end if she wanted to rent it. Olivia decided to go for it! Due to having a parking space available in the area of Sydney they live in, her parking space wasn’t vacant for long and she is consistently booked.

Today, Olivia’s parking space stays up for rent and continues to make her extra disposable income, without her effort. She now has an ongoing income stream that creates for her that “fun money” she was hoping for. She gets treats for the grandkids, pampers herself at the spa and takes her friends out for lunch once a month, without straining her fixed income. She is a proud to have her space up for rent and a Parking Cupid community member!

Widow in driveway

How Does it Work?

Parking Cupid allows you to create an income stream from your unused or underused parking space or garage. They created a digital marketplace where those with parking spaces can put them up for rent and those who are looking for spaces can reserve them. This creates a win-win for those in the community.

If you are looking to rent out your space, this is what you can look forward to!

  • Extra income for all the extra luxuries of life
  • Add value to the local community
  • Maximize on the potential of your parking space by letting people rent it
  • Make that extra money without any extra effort on your part
  • List your space for rent on Parking Cupid with no listing fee

If you are a driver and are looking to rent a space through Parking Cupid, these are the benefits you can look forward to!

  • Save your time by choosing to rent your space. This will keep you from wasting time driving around and looking for a parking space.
  • Create a benefit for the locals in the community by supporting them instead of the parking lot owners or the city parking meters
  • No more stress or worry about parking fines!
  • Save more of your money by getting to rent for down-to-earth prices instead of the having to rent for the sky-high rates that are typical of city parking.
  • Money back guarantee on your Parking Cupid membership

By joining the Parking Cupid community, you are giving yourself the best chance to create an extra income without any extra effort.

Sign up as a member at Parking Cupid and start saving time and money today! You have a 30-day money-back guarantee on your membership if you find our community doesn’t meet your needs.

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