How to Appeal Parking Tickets

Parking fines and tickets are never welcome so Parking Made Easy has searched online to find the best guides on how to appeal, contest and dispute your car parking ticket or fine.

Motorists have used excuses like incorrect registration details, illness, officer error, faulty meters, no offence and stolen number plates to beat parking tickets. Even when drivers admit fault, the fines in some cases are withdrawn based on exceptional circumstances, which include mechanical breakdown and medical emergency.

One common way to dispute an infringement is in writing with an explanation or appeal letter including supporting evidence such as photos, mechanical repair receipts or medical certificates.

Guide to Appealing Parking Fines

Many motorists pay questionable parking fines instead of appealing them - dont be taken for a ride! The following information is a broad guide on how to appeal car parking tickets.

Continue reading this guide, access sample appeal letters and more.

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Dear sir/mdm,
NOTICE NO:13052001924
Hi i am driver of the vechile I got it fine from boonlay way near boonlay mrt.  I was parked the van at double yellow line with hazard light.  just i want collect the document from my friend.  just few minutes.  but unfortunatelly I got it fine. My company cannot help even 1cents also.  could uyou please accept my appeal letter.
thanking you,